Sniper Elite 5 - Abandoned Quarry
Sniper Elite 5 - Abandoned Quarry

I had the opportunity to work on the multiplayer map 'Abandoned Quarry' as a part of the Flix Interactive team in collaboration with Rebellion. My responsibilities included working on the abandoned building, hillside areas and loading dock. With a focus on terrain sculpting, set dressing, and polishing as well as contributing to bug fixing.

I joined the team during the planning, research and block-out phase, collaborating with the design team. In addition to working on the vista, which includes all areas outside of the playspace. such as the river, cliff faces and mountains. Developing the level from start to finish was an amazing opportunity and working with such a great team to create this unique and enjoyable multiplayer map.

Charlie Horn - Art Lead

Bhavik Heetandra - Artist

Hannah Dickson - Artist

Josh Clancy -Artist

Ray Vanderhaegen - Artist

Lloyd Everson – Lead Designer
Steven Lewis - Designer
Andy Simkin – Production
Sema Ermis - Production
James Morgan - QA

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