Sniper Elite 5 - Dam
Sniper Elite 5 - Dam

I had the opportunity to work on the multiplayer map 'Dam' as a part of the Flix Interactive team in collaboration with Rebellion. My main focus was on the forest overlook, garage, and Admin building where I worked on terrain sculpting, set dressing and polish as well as bug fixing. Additionally, I worked on the vista, which included all areas outside of the playspace, such as the Dam, river, and water processing centre. I joined the team during the block-out phase, where we worked closely with design. It was a fantastic opportunity and journey to bring this incredible map together.

Charlie Horn - Art Lead

Sean Thomas - Artist

Rhodri Thomas - Artist

Hannah Dickson - Artist

Lloyd Everson – Lead Designer
Adam Davies - Design
Andy Simkin – Production
Sema Ermis - Production
James Morgan - QA

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